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Unveiling the Mysteries: Your Common Questions About Dentures, Explained!

Unveiling the Mysteries: Your Common Questions About Dentures, Explained!

If you need dentures because of tooth decay, you’ll have to visit a dentist, but there are some important steps to take before and after the fitting. Tooth decay can cause more issues than you might think, like cavities that can lead to higher costs down the line. So, it’s best to tackle any dental problems head-on, and if necessary, get dentures.

Installing dentures can seem scary, especially with the guidelines you need to follow. Many folks have tons of questions about the process, like what kind is best, how much it costs, and how to take care of them. Here’s some info that could come in handy.

So, what types of dentures are there?
Pretty much, there are two types. One replaces just a single tooth, and the other kind, called ‘complete dentures’ replace all the teeth, fitting over the gums and jawbones with the help of dental implants. If you only need some teeth replaced, you’re looking at ‘partial dentures’ that go over any remaining teeth while covering areas where teeth are missing. You might need dental implants for these as well, to make sure they sit right.

What’s the price tag?
That depends. The cost varies based on what exactly you need — like the material, size, and so on. Plus, different dentists may offer different payment options, so your final bill also depends on where you go.

How about caring for them after they’re put in?
Caring for your dentures after installation is straightforward, but if you’re thinking they can be made to look exactly like your original teeth, well, that’s not the case because they’re made of plastic. Dentists usually recommend using a soft-bristle toothbrush to clean them and a non-abrasive toothpaste. Also, remember to brush gently to avoid any damage. And don’t bleach your dentures! Only do it if your dentist suggests and oversees it.

Can I fix my broken dentures?
It’s best to avoid DIY fixes for damaged dentures. You should contact a professional if they break – if you try to fix them yourself, you might hurt your gum and risk an infection. Depending on the damage, your dentist might decide to repair or replace them.

Remember, it’s absolutely possible to eat and sleep comfortably with dentures. Just keep up good oral hygiene, and you’re good to go!