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Unlock the Surprising Wellness Advantages Hidden in Everyday Butter

Unlock the Surprising Wellness Advantages Hidden in Everyday Butter

You’re right, butter isn’t the bad guy anymore. For a long time, we all thought butter was bad for our health because of its high fat content, which was believed to cause heart problems. Probably, your doctor even told you to cut it from your diet. Nowadays, however, butter producers have turned a new leaf. They’re now making healthier butter, enriched with nutrients and sourced from grass-fed cows, which are known for their leaner, healthier meat and butter. So, what’s the scoop on butter being healthy now?

**Butter Strengthens Your Immunity**
Today’s butter is actually good for you. When you spread it on your morning toast, relax and savor it. It’s packed with vitamins A and D, which help your body produce red blood cells and keep cancer cells at bay. Also, just a tablespoon of butter per day provides you with 7% of your vitamin A and 2% of your vitamin D requirements. These vitamins are fat soluble, meaning butter assists your body in absorbing them.

**Butter Keeps Your Bones in Tip-Top Shape**
Butter is also a source of vitamins D and K, both crucial for strong bones and muscles. Vitamin K helps your blood clot and boosts bone density. It’s even been linked to a 30% reduction of hip fractures in women who consumed at least 110 micrograms of butter daily, according to a study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Next time you’re having a baked potato for dinner, feel free to top it with a tablespoon of butter.

**Butter Helps Manage Diabetes**
If you’ve got diabetes, butter might help manage its symptoms. Butter and cheese contain sodium butyrate, a nutrient known to improve insulin response in diabetics. A study with mice found that it also boosted their energy levels. Considering a workout to either lose weight or keep fit? Try having a whole grain bagel topped with butter before hitting the gym.

**Butter Fights Certain Types of Cancer**
Dairy products like butter contain conjugated linoleic acid, which has been shown to shrink tumors in patients with colorectal cancer. It’s also believed to help combat breast cancer. Incorporating butter into your daily meals could potentially safeguard your family against specific types of cancers, including colon cancer.

**Butter Beats Margarine**
Despite popular belief, butter is better than margarine. Margarine, filled with high levels of trans-fats, is far worse. Its fats can lead to deaths in individuals with heart disease, unlike the saturated fats found in butter.

So, the next time you’re cooking or baking, don’t shy away from adding butter. Its health benefits might just surprise you. And for those watching their weight, try to incorporate other healthy diet routines, and when you succeed in shedding those pounds, feel free to shop for a new wardrobe from Ann Taylor. Watch out for Groupon discounts!