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Steer Clear with Confidence: Five Strategies to Sidestep Substance Dependence

Steer Clear with Confidence: Five Strategies to Sidestep Substance Dependence

Misusing prescription medicine happens when you either use someone else’s medication or don’t follow the instructions given for your own. These drugs can be anything, from mood lifters to pain relievers. Misuse can lead to serious problems like health risks, overdosing, or even death. If you or a loved one is struggling with this, professional help is important right away.

Here are five simple strategies to avoid getting hooked on drugs:

1) Don’t Give in to Peer Pressure
Peer pressure can often lead to drug use and later addiction. Some people start doing drugs just to fit into a group, planning to use them only for fun, and without noticing, they get addicted. Hanging out with friends who urge you to do drugs is not good, especially if you’re easily influenced. Real friends won’t push you into harmful habits. Surround yourself with people who engage in healthier activities.

2) Reflect on Your Addiction
Think about what matters to you, the negative impact of addiction, and how being sober can improve your life significantly. One helpful way to do this is by keeping a daily journal. Such a habit can aid in creating your recovery plan, helping you identify patterns, triggers, goals and what motivates you.

3) Learn to Cope
Life gets tough for everyone. It might seem like you’re having a harder time than others, tempted to turn to drugs, but there are healthier ways to deal. Remind yourself that it’s okay to face problems, everyone does. Find what makes you relax and feel peaceful, like listening to music, exercising, painting, reading, watching a movie, or spending time with people you love. Write these down and refer back when things get difficult.

4) Use Prescription Medications As Directed
Certain prescription medications can be pretty addictive, with misuse sometimes resulting in more deaths than hardcore drugs. If you’re prone to getting addicted, be extra careful, especially with highly addictive prescriptions. Always follow doctor’s orders when taking medicine, including over-the-counter ones. If you’re worried about misusing your medicine, ask a trusted friend or family member to help administer it.

5) Talk to Your Doctor About Risks
Share your medical history and any concerns about addiction with your doctor. This helps them make better decisions about what prescriptions are right for you. Some medications are more addictive than others, so ask about the possible side effects before starting any new drug.


If you or a loved one is fighting addiction, remember it’s never too late to ask for help. Seeking therapy is the first step. Use these tips to avoid relapse and maintain your recovery journey.

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