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Is Your Smile Perfect for Dental Implants?

Is Your Smile Perfect for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a fantastic way to replace missing teeth, and they’re so popular due to their strength and durability. They’re different from crowns, dentures or bridges, and if you take good care of them, they can last a lifetime.

Some good things about dental implants:

1. They keep your jawbone healthy. When you lose a tooth, the natural movement that stimulates the jawbone is gone and that can lead to the jawbone wearing down. Implants actually stimulate your jawbone using a faux tooth root, just like a real tooth does.

2. They last a really long time. Dentures and bridges typically only last about 5-10 years, but dental implants can last your whole life if you care for them properly.

3. They let you eat what you want. Because implants are sturdy like real teeth, you don’t have to worry about food falling out mid-bite like you do with dentures or bridges.

That being said, not every person is a good fit for dental implants.

Who’s a good match for dental implants?

Usually, if you’ve lost a tooth or teeth and your overall health (both physical and oral) is good, you can be a good candidate. People with tricky conditions like a worn-down jaw or gum disease might need to have other procedures done first.

To get dental implants, you need to:

1. Have a healthy mouth: There shouldn’t be signs of gum disease or tooth decay before you get your implants.

2. Actually need a replacement: You should have a missing tooth or teeth, or be at risk of losing some.

3. Have good gum and jawbone health: Once a tooth is gone, the gum and jawbone start deteriorating. You need a good, strong foundation to hold your implant in place.

4. Be generally healthy: You need to be in good health before any kind of surgery to avoid any complications.

5. Be able to follow your dentist’s instructions: Getting the implant and letting it heal properly can take about 4-6 months. So, it’s important to do what your dentist tells you to help the process along.

However, some folks may not be a good fit, like children with still-growing jaws, smokers or heavy drinkers.

What are your options for replacements?

1. Single Tooth Replacements: This is for people who just need one tooth replaced. It’s a single implant that doesn’t affect the teeth around it.

2. Multiple Tooth Replacements: If you have more than one missing tooth, your dentist can make customized implants to exhibit natural-looking teeth.

3. Full-Mouth Reconstruction: If all your teeth are missing, this could be the best choice. It’s more stable than dentures and helps restore your mouth’s natural look and functionality.

So, how does getting dental implants work?

Step 1: Talk to Your Dentist: Your dentist will examine your oral health to see if implants are a good fit. They can answer any questions you have about getting them.

Step 2: The Procedure: The first part of the implant is placed in the spot where your missing tooth was. Once it’s in place, they’ll sew up the area. After your gums have healed, they’ll put the next part of the implant in.

Step 3: Healing Stage: This part is super important because it’s when the implants set in. Since they are made of a material that your body recognizes, they look and feel like natural teeth.

Step 4: Restoration: Once your implant has healed, you’ll go back to your dentist to get your replacement teeth. They will make sure that they fit perfectly with your other teeth.

Losing teeth can cause different health issues and can lower your self-esteem. So, if you are a good candidate for dental implants, they could be a great option for you. They provide a sturdy base and look completely natural.

Dr. Yvette Porter and her all-female team at Apple Dental in Newstead, Brisbane, have over 11 years of experience in providing gentle, affordable dental care, including dental implants. Dr. Porter is an active member of the Australian Dental Association and greatly enjoys family and children’s dentistry, striving to make their dental journeys positively pleasant.