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Discover the Vital Role of Nutritional Supplements in Every Woman’s Life

Discover the Vital Role of Nutritional Supplements in Every Woman's Life

Many women struggle to maintain a healthy diet because of daily responsibilities like housework. This can lead to a lack of crucial nutrients, which might weaken their immunity and increase the risk of infections. To counter this, women often have to include nutritional supplements in their diets.

One significant health issue seen in women globally is that of iron deficiency, with 20% of women and 50% of expecting mothers suffering from it according to the World Health Organization. Doctors generally advise women over the age of 25 to take iron supplements to prevent becoming anemic.

Many women also experience vitamin deficiencies due to inadequate nutrition, affecting their vision and even causing health issues in newborns. This can lead to complications like night blindness, emphasizing the need for multivitamin supplements.

But, what are nutritional supplements? Simply, they are substances used to add vital nutrients to your diet. They can come in different forms like pills, capsules, or even tasty, health-beneficial drinks.

A good diet alone doesn’t cover all the nutritional requirements a woman needs, and supplements can help supply these missing nutrients and reduce health risks.

Now, let’s look into some of the important nutrients supplements women should consider:


– **Vitamin A** helps organs like the heart and kidney function properly, enhances immunity, and improves vision. Vitamin A deficiency may result in night blindness, skin problems, respiratory infection, and miscarriage.
– **Vitamin B** is vital for energy production. It also decreases the risk of heart disease, fights against infections, and supports healthy nerve cells. The deficiency of vitamin B could cause diseases like beriberi and Crohn’s diseases.
– **Vitamin D** helps absorb calcium, aiding in maintaining healthy bones. Lack of vitamin D can lead to osteoporosis and loss of bone density.
– **Vitamin E** protects body cells from damage and aids in reducing the aging effect. A deficiency in vitamin E can result in weak muscles and nerve cells.

**Other Important Nutrients:**

– **Iron** aids blood production and helps transport oxygen to all parts of the body. Women need more iron due to the loss of blood during menstruation.
– **Zinc** helps to enhance immunity and heal wounds. Pregnant women need more zinc as deficiency can lead to abortive outcomes, premature delivery, and hair loss.
– **Calcium** is vital not only for strong bones and muscles, but also for a healthy heart and nervous system.

So, in conclusion, due to unique challenges like menstruation and pregnancy, women sometimes need extra help from supplements to meet their bodies’ nutritional needs, which a regular diet might not fulfill.

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