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Discover the Top 9 Healthiest Alcoholic Beverages Every Man Should Know About!

Discover the Top 9 Healthiest Alcoholic Beverages Every Man Should Know About!

Not all drinks with alcohol are bad for you. Throughout history, people worldwide have enjoyed various kinds of alcoholic beverages. And guess what? Some of them can actually be good for your health when consumed in moderation.

Here are nine drinks that aren’t just enjoyable, but also offer health benefits when consumed responsibly:

1. **Vodka**: When you savor vodka in small amounts, it can be healthy. It’s typically less than 200 calories per serving and can boost your blood circulation. Plus, varieties low in sugar like Crystal Head Vodka are good for those with high cholesterol.

2. **Red Wine**: Always a classic, red wine is good for your heart thanks to an antioxidant called resveratrol. One serving has about 150-200 calories. Adding lime juice can make it even heart-friendlier.

3. **Tequila**: If you thought tequila was just for parties, think again. The 100% agave versions have no carbs, and the distillation process can help keep your gut clean. Plus, it’s less than 100 calories per serving.

4. **Rum**: Rum, while often associated with older generations, boasts benefits for the young at heart. Made from all-natural ingredients, it can calm nerves and alleviate mental strain.

5. **Whiskey**: Follow the rule of 21 units for men and 14 for women, and whiskey can be a health booster. It has antioxidants that can help combat cancerous cells and is also known as a brainpower booster.

6. **Rosé**: This wine derivative is about 175 calories a serving and packed with antioxidants. It’s a tasty and healthy option.

7. **Champagne**: Champagne, with its low sugar content, can naturally aid in weight reduction. It’s also good for heart health as well.

8. **Light Bloody Mary**: This delightful blend of vodka and tomato juice comes in at only 80-90 calories when you mind the vodka and sugar amounts. The sodium from the mix can help your blood flow.

9. **Beer**: Light beer is the best pick for all ages. It’s rich in heart-healthy polyphenols and can help prevent kidney stones. Some light beers have as few as 50 calories in a serving.

So, remember: less is more when it comes to drinks with alcohol. Keep a check on your intake to avoid health issues and, when you’re out, look for low-fat and zero-carb drinks with moderate alcohol content. Go for health as well as taste next time you’re at a bar, club, or just hanging out with friends. Enjoy responsibly!