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Beware! 15 Delectable Holiday Treats That Might Derail Your Diet

Beware! 15 Delectable Holiday Treats That Might Derail Your Diet

It’s holiday season, and everyone’s excited! A break from daily work or school grind and a chance to let loose feels fantastic! Holidays spell fun, relaxation, and food – delicious food.

During typical year-end holidays, which often extend over a week, you might feel tempted to take a break from your usual dietary restrictions. It’s understandable. You could find yourself thinking, “Hey, it’s holiday time! I may as well give my diet routine a little holiday too!” But be warned, it can get tricky.

Like most of us, you might promise yourself that today’s the last day you’ll indulge in that sweet cake or fatty food. But what happens when out Christmas shopping, you pass by your favorite pizza joint? Those delicious thoughts start to flow, remembering that mouth-watering spicy topping and gooey mozzarella. The next thing you knew, your calorie counter is off the charts! You’ve given in – the battle of the bulge begins.

Before you know it, you’re struggling to squeeze into your regular clothes. Turns out, it’s not the clothes that have shrunk – you’ve added a few pounds in less than a fortnight! Feeling guilty? There’s good news: you can avoid this with a bit of caution.

Read on about 15 holiday foods that, while delicious, are best avoided if you’re trying to keep your calorie count down:

1. **Pot roast:** This boneless, tasty dish can increase your non-saturated fat and cholesterol intake. Consider swapping for a mushroom sandwich instead.

2. **Beef Wellington:** This tasty steak dish contains a lot of fat, calories, and cholesterol.

3. **Chocolate martini:** A celebratory drink, sure. But a medium-sized glass comes with a hefty 438 calories!

4. **Stuffed potatoes:** Delicious but loaded with lots of fat and carbs. Keep in mind, one potato contains 512 kcal.

5. **Pecan pie:** A slice holds 412 calories. If you can’t resist, consider just having the crust.

6. **Cheese straws:** These enticing snacks are high-calorie traps due to their principal ingredients, flour and cheese.

7. **Fruitcake:** Despite the word “fruit,” these are fattening. If you must, be sure to limit portion sizes.

8. **Creamed spinach:** The cream is high in fat and calories. If you choose to eat it, have a small amount.

9. **Glazed ham:** Very high in fat, calories, and cholesterol. Better to avoid if you have heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes.

10. **Swedish meatballs:** These contain a reasonable amount of calories but are healthiest in moderation and when combined with salads or veggies.

11. **Eggnog:** This sweet holiday favorite could lead to weight gain with its high-fat content and 88 calories per 100 grams.

12. **Truffles:** A natural food, tasty but with 284 calories and 24% carbs.

13. **Cheesecake:** Delicious but packing 257 calories per piece. Diabetics and overweight individuals should resist this one.

14. **Gravy:** Full of fat and calories. It can increase your carb and calorie count if you pair it with complimentary food like potatoes or rice.

15. **Popcorn balls:** These sweet snacks are made with sugar and syrup, which can cause weight gain and are not suitable for diabetics.

Remember, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these foods, but keeping a check on portion size and maintaining regular exercise is key. Enjoy your holidays while keeping health in mind!